Sunday, August 27, 2006

Chew with Your Mouth Closed

The blog Dwindling in Unbelief recently wondered who has killed more, Satan or God? He (or she, don't know, didn't check) went through the bible and found the stats to be:
God: 2,128,335
Satan: 10


I saw this fella, Ben Wilson, in the latest Utne; he paints tiny pictures on dried bubblegum on the street using acrylic paint. How cool to walk around and see cheery bits of art everywhere you look. Here is a flickr page where you can see them up close.

Finally, a picture shot this weekend at Molalla Bowl. Must be due to all that fried food and white bread they serve at the snack bar:

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Love Burns Brighter than Sunshine

We went and saw Little Miss Sunshine this week. Everyone should see this movie. I feel like lately I see trailers or clips of quirky indie flicks that seem funny and genuine, and then when you go to watch them the only funny bits were in the trailer, and the rest of the movie is dark and weird and trying too hard. Not so with this one. Perfectly cast, funny but understated, and sad without being squicky. Derek wanted me to mention how great the bus porn was. It's true. And if our bus had been running, we would have driven it there! Anyway, go see it.

We've been watching Rock Star: Supernova, and I was always sort of pulling for Storm Large, but after the big Oregonian article last Sunday I really hope she wins it.

In beer news, North Coast is brewing a belgian style called Brother Thelonious. The brewery will make a contribution to the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz for every case sold to support jazz education. Pretty cool. Maybe we'll get a bottle and save it for O's 21st birthday.

Finally, we went to a wedding a week ago in Los Angeles for some really good friends, and had loads of fun. Got some interesting pics out of it too:

The wedding was mostly outside, so they had these sweet hats for everyone. As the bridal party walked back down the aisle, a bridesmaid lost her shoe.

The wedding was catered by In 'N Out. How cool is that? Not as cool as the band, which was a (almost all Asian) Beatles Cover band called The Mockers.

Here is a shot of the courtyard of the Hacienda Hotel. This is a hotel that has been there for as long as I can remember, and was often the location of our high school formal dances. They have spiced the place up a bit and it is really beautiful, though some of the rooms are still fairly small compared to today's standard sized hotel rooms. The staff was super nice, and the coffee shop was almost as D and his family remembered it, including the toast-go-round machine you can watch from the lunch counter. And I had to throw in the shot of O doing his best Dizzle impression.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Shit Happens

It is 1:45 pm, and I'm having a beer. I usually don't drink in the middle of the day, stay at home mom and all, but today has been a bit drastic. Ok, a little drastic. The child went to bed 3 hours late last night but got up at the same time as usual, and is now tired and on edge. The plumbers we hired came 2 hours late, and never detected a mystery leak (our well pump never stops running), so $200 later I get to call a different guy to come out and try and fix this. The adoption agency sent us an email that says "oops! things aren't as far along in your adoption as we thought. sorry!".

So, here are a couple interesting things, almost on the spiritual side, really, to keep you going when you have a crap day.

Got this book from the library called The Mindful Traveler by Jim Currie, and it is really good not just for travel writing, but for good traveling in general, and good living, really.

Derek found a link to these shirts and things, which on the surface are whimsical and beautiful and funny and Monty Python-esque, but with a deeper look have some pretty nice sayings on them, like "Live Lyrics from the bank of imaginary". I like this and Derek likes this. Check them out.

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