Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Deal: Tax Software

Planning on doing your own taxes this year? Here's an excellent deal on some good tax software. How's free for you? [after rebates] Don't answer yet! You also get Deduction Pro and Microsoft Money. The price for that? Nothing! How's that? Don't answer yet, you also get 100 shiny paperclips! That's right...free! The shipping is free as well!

You do have to deal with rebates, so don't bother if you won't be bothered with the paperwork.

Here are the links...

TaxCut Deluxe for $25 - $5 rebate [Exp 4/30] with TaxCut UPC

Deduction Pro for $20 - $20 rebate [Exp 4/30] with DeductionPro UPC

Microsoft Money for $30 - $30 rebate [Exp 4/30] with Money + TaxCut Boxtops

Paper Clips to reach $75 - $20 off $75 code 94982309 [Exp 12/31] - $55 rebates = Free

[thanks to Ben's Bargains for alerting me to this]

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Sharpie Madness

Whilst organizing our computer desk yesterday with the new desk organizers we got for Christmas, I noticed we had a plethora of Sharpies. Three black, 5 silver, and 1 blue, 1 green, 1 lime green, 1 teal, 1 pink, and 1 red.

Their website is amazingly in-depth for being about, you know, a pen. There, you can learn how to draw a free throw line on the driveway, how to color in imperfections on the carpet, or how to draw pictures of fish on the outside of your fishbowl.

What they don't talk about is the care and feeding of your Sharpie. All my Sharpies have odd little rules on them. The green one, for example, says "not for letter writing or cloth". Who are they to tell what I can right a letter with? According to their FAQ, they don't recommend it for letter writing because it "bleeds through paper". Well, duh. But if that is the effect I want in the letter, isn't that my perogative? Many say "do not shake". Why? The silver ones say "store tip down". But the lid is what shows the color, so if it is upside down in your pen holder, how do you know what color Sharpie you are grabbing? If they are going to demand your Sharpie be upside down, then maybe they should not the color on the bottom of the pen. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!

/Sharpie rant

The silver ones look really cool on a cd....

Monday, December 22, 2003

Clap On! Clap Off!

Every year we struggle to plug in the Christmas tree lights. Last year, I fell off the side of the couch onto the presents trying to do it... So this year, we tried a different approach.

That's right. The Clapper. It really works! At first we had the sensitivity set too high, so everything was setting it off: the door closing, dogs running, Owen screaming... Now it is working just great. $19.95 well spent! We can't wait to figure out what to plug into it once Christmas is over!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Check out this new blog!

Ok, so it is still ours, but hey. Check it out.

We are adding a 2nd story onto our house, so we thought we'd chronicle the saga in a blog. Like the clever title? A Second Story? Get it????

Anyway, read along to find out the latest on leaks, porta-pottys, and endless hammering. We've created a link from this blog, for your convenience.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Krakatoa Screaming

I heard a cool thing on NPR about why the sky is red in Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream". Apparently some astronomists were curious, and through Munch's diaries they linked the painting to the eruption of Krakatoa.

Krakatoa erupted in 1883, and aside from many other planetary alterations, it caused the following fun fact: "Three months after the eruption these products had spread to higher latitudes causing such vivid red sunset afterglows that fire engines were called out in New York, Poughkeepsie, and New Haven to quench the apparent conflagration. Unusual sunsets continued for 3 years." Read here for more on Krakatoa.

Women. Cars. Clothes. Sports.

All contents of the typical "Men's Magazine". Also contents of an atypical men's mag that I ran across. Not that I sit and read men's mags... Derek managed to get free subscriptions to three. First, Men's Journal. An average magazine, not too offensive, not too exciting. Then, Stuff. Oh god. What a pile of crap. Beyond juvenile, and these guys think they are so funny... I can't even describe how lame it is. Also, we randomly get
Maxim... Um, yeah. Better than Stuff.

Finally, we have Razor. Looks pretty typical on the outside, but apparently run by liberals who understand that people like to read thought provoking articles!!! There is always a section called Ecofiles by Bob Hunter - a Greenpeace activist. This issue has an article by James Carville called Quagmire. There have been some sobering articles about the "war" in Iraq. Often they choose a person and list quotes by them - recent goodies include doofus quotes from Bush, and astonishingly racist quotes by Rush Limbaugh. Plus, when I need to buy Derek a velvet suit, I know just what to buy.

Here is an article about it.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

War Gets The Shaft

A weird survey conducted by Glamour magazine and MensHealth.com indicates that "if given a choice between a bigger penis and world peace, 90 percent would choose world peace."

The remaining 10% must think that the absence of world peace will give them a bigger penis.

In other news, Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon opposes and President Bush is apprehensive about "perhaps the most comprehensive [Israel/Palistinian peace proposal] plan to date, with specific language on everything from borders to Jerusalem to a Palestinian state."

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